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Book (Hard Cover)

by Tecoy Porter Ministries



Imagine coming to the end of your life and then discovering that you totally missed out on all of the wonderful things that you could have enjoyed. Family vacations, time spent with loved ones, developing your inner self, and even living out your life’s purpose all require wealth to some degree. Most people want more of those things in life but settle for life’s scraps, believing that a life free of financial worries is only reserved for the uppity ups of society. That is just not true.

The life that you’ve always dreamed of living, the places that you’ve always wanted to go, the things that you have wanted to own, and the people that you always wanted to give to are all locked up inside of YOU. That’s right your greatest treasure lies deep within you. Dr. Tecoy Porter in Releasing Your Inner Treasure: 8 Kingdom Keys To Unlocking The Wealth Within You will show you how to tap into that sleeping giant, the treasure that lies within you. In this book you will learn:

How To Condition Your Mind For Millions

The Power and Purpose of Your Mind and How It Affects Everything In Your Life

Why You Are The Most Valuable Asset On Earth

How To Plan Your Way To Riches

Why Givers Always Get

The Secret Weapon of Intentional Prayer

The True Purpose For Money

How To Get Your Treasure Working For You Instead of Your Treasure Working For The Boss

No more settling for second best! God designed you to live life to the fullest. Everything that pertains to life is already inside of you. Look no further, your greatest gift is not on the way to you, it has already arrived!