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Who We Are



We are so glad that you are interested in learning more about the Genesis Church family and the opportunities we provide in growing spiritually, forging new relationships, and in serving the Sacramento and global communities. Our goal is to reach out to anyone seeking to RELATE, KNOW, LEARN and GROW! We are A REAL church for REAL people! We are a Church for TODAY’S GENERATION!


The Genesis Church is led by Dr. Tecoy Porter Sr., and First Lady Karlette Porter. They have served on the Senior Pastoral team of the Genesis since the passing of the church's founder, Dr. Robert Porter, in August 1999. While much can be said about their attributes and accomplishments, their most notable quality is their genuine concern, commitment and care for those they serve.


FAITH - Our primary goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations, inviting all people into the family of God and to provide you with tools for spiritual growth. Every service, program, ministry and event is centered on this goal.

FAMILY - Genesis believes in family! We do all that we can to make you and yours feel apart of Genesis through various ministries, services and programs.

EMPOWERMENT - At Genesis, we desire for you to prosper in every area of your life! So throughout the year we conduct various events dedicated to empowering you spiritually, socially and economically!

SERVICE - Local and Global outreach is central to the vision of Genesis. We believe that we are saved to make a difference and everybody has a gift of service. Our desire is to help you figure out your gift and fulfill your life mission.


Our Mission

The purpose of the Genesis Church is to bring unsaved people to the knowledge of Christ and into membership of our family, lead them to Christian maturity and equip them for ministry in the church and their life mission in the community, so that Christ's name may be magnified!

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